Marko Drmonjič


From:Ljubljana, Slovenia
Height:183 cm
Weight:84 kg
Gym:TNT Gym



Result Fighters Event Method
WIN Marko Drmonjič vs. Matej Plavec WFC - BRAVE
jan 19, 2020
LOSE Marko Drmonjič vs. Nemanja Milošević WFC 23: Uprising
feb 17, 2019
Decision (Majority)
LOSE Marko Drmonjič vs. Ivica Trušček WFC 22: PITBULL.SI
maj 19, 2018
Decision (split)
LOSE Svetlozar Savov vs. Marko Drmonjič WFC 19: Pretorian
dec 20, 2014
Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
WIN Claudio Conti vs. Marko Drmonjič WFC 18: Knockout
jun 15, 2013
Submission (Guillotine Choke)
WIN Marko Drmonjič vs. Mario Valentic WFC 10: Night Of Champions
mar 27, 2010
Decision (Unanimous)
WIN Marko Drmonjič vs. Alan Carlos WFC 9: Restart
dec 20, 2009
Decision (Unanimous)
WIN Marko Drmonjič vs. Ivan Milchev WFC 7: Guedjev vs. Carvalho
apr 4, 2009
TKO (Ground and Pound)

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