Walkout songs at WFC 19 PRETORIAN

Walkout songs are something that some fighters are paying a lot of attention. Choosing the perfect song can positively impact on fighter as he enters the ring and it just might give him that much needed final push that he needs to make a mess in the ring.

Rock and metal tracks are always on the repertoire and this time it is no different. Bring Sally Up, choice of lightweight challenger Christian Draxler and Courtesy Call from Thousand Foot Krutch that Puggioni will use for his entrance are just the icing on the top.

One other recurring factor is the origin of the fighters. Many of them choose a song that reconnects them with their roots and pumps the up. Fighters form the East usually go for this option. K-1 maestro, Murad Derbal, is going with DJ Antoine Arabian Adventure, a song with typical sounds of Africa.

High base line and speedy tempo is another way to go and WFC 19 will not let you down. Mordan, Coz and especially Stankov are the ones you should watch out for.

This are just a few walkout songs that you'll have a chance of hearing at WFC 19 PRETORIAN on Saturday, December 20th. The show starts at 8 PM!