World Freefight Challenge events – opportunity for the companies

With the development of combat sport in Europe and with the ever increasing interest in such competitions, we have prepared various tools of marketing communication for companies and organizations in the form of sponsorships. The companies can, therefore, use different media in order to convey their advertising messages to their target groups. With the intention to present the sponsors efficiently, we have prepared different sponsorship packages, which the sponsors may change flexibly, according to their specific needs.



Communication before the tournament

The organization of the tournament includes numerous media through which we are announcing and presenting the event. Outdoor advertising, radio advertising, direct mail, advertising in public places, a press conference and public relations are an excellent opportunity to present your company or your advertising messages. Aside from the abovementioned media, the WFC organization has an agreement for advertising and broadcasting the tournament live on WFC TV and other TV stations distributed by WFC .

Communication at the tournament

The WFC tournament offers numerous innovative options for the communication of your company which other sports cannot offer. The equipment of the facility and the arena in which the tournament is taking place makes it possible to communicate with different media: advertising in the ring, on the scene, in the stadium / arena, at the press conference, on television and radio, at the parties, on the ring equipment, on the seats, on the athletes' equipment, setting up posters and jumbo posters, radio advertising during the event, hostess promotion, etc. Depending on the needs and the sponsor agreement, numerous other media are also available.

An exclusive VIP party is also included in the organization of the tournament and it is aimed at sponsors, business associates, the press, and, of course, athletes themselves. The VIP party is an excellent opportunity to meet your existing or new business partners. Furthermore, it enables all kind of promotion of your company.

Communication after the tournament

Reports and news from the WFC tournaments are resounding even after the event. The press conference, television reports, newspaper articles, magazine reports, internet articles and press releases can not only advertise the sport, but also your company.

Sponsorship package :

-The name of the Official sponsor is part of the name of the competition

Before the event:

-The company's description on the website with a link
-Company's logo on the invitation and the tickets
-Company's logo in e-mail communication with a link
-Logo advertising in all advertising media – event announcement (TV,video trailers)
-Company's logo on printed material: Billboards, posters, flayers,T-shirts,...
- 50% larger logo on all printed material
-The mention by WFC in the press release regarding the competition

Media and the press conference:

-Logo on the billboard behind the speakers at the press conference
-Logo on the billboard behind the contestants and during the official photo session
-Company’s name mentioned in the press release
-Submitting your package to the press
-Publishing the press release on WFC's media portal


During the event:

-Company's logo on promotional material
-Logo on referee T-shirts
-Logo on the round board
-Logo on the sponsors’ billboard
-Logo in the RING in the quarter
-Bulletin board under the RING on one side (7mx1m)
-Logo on the ring ropes
-A flag in front of the arena
-The speaker mentions the sponsor as a general sponzor
-VIP space at the event,  serving your guests food and drinks
- Graphic logo before each fight on big screens
- Video comercial on big screens

After the event:

-Added website from the press conference
-Publication of official protographs with the fighters
-Your company acquires an album with official photographs and pictures of your logos
-A detailed analysis and statistics of the WFC tournament

We invite you to take part in the World Freefight Challenge spectacles and with our help present your company in the best possible way. For a more detailed presentation of sponsorship options we are at your service.


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