World-leading digital asset exchange OKEx is the official sponsor of the WFC


Strategic partnership between the two companies was concluded after a productive meetings that took place at the crypto summit in Malta last year. WFC's goals and the vision of its president matched with those of OKEx's COO Andy Cheung. Balkan's leading promotion once again stepped on new frontiers this time with the backing of world-leading digital asset exchange.

OKEx is a world-leading digital asset exchange, providing advanced financial services to traders worldwide leveraging blockchain technology. Its platform offers spot & derivatives trading helping traders optimize their strategy. It provides a safe, reliable and stable environment for digital assets trading via web interface and mobile app by adopting GSLB, and distributed server clusters. OKEx believes blockchain technology will eliminate barriers to transactions, increase the efficiency of transactions across society, and eventually have a significant impact on the global economy. OKEx strives to achieve something that will change the world and never stops to innovate and improve on their customer experience.

This new partnership will be a driving force for the WFC to open new markets and opportunities to the fans and athletes in 2020. The first step begins January 19 at WFC - BRAVE event in Ljubljana. Don't miss out and be in the center of action. It's OK to be daring!