Where MMA Meets Transparency


The world of regional MMA can sometimes be clouded by conflicts of interest, where gym owners and managers have undue influence over matchmaking and fighter treatment. This can create concerns about fairness and transparency, which ultimately hurts the sport.

At WFC, we understand these concerns deeply. As the only professional MMA organization in the region with nearly 20 years of dedicated experience, we've built our reputation on a foundation of professionalism, fair play, and unwavering commitment to developing the sport.

Our commitment is reflected in our strict anti-corruption policies, ensuring a level playing field for all fighters. We don't believe in preferential treatment – every athlete who steps into our octagon deserves a fair shot and the chance to shine.

Furthermore, we're proud to broadcast our events live on television and online, allowing fans worldwide to witness the raw talent and passion of the regional MMA scene. It's not just about entertainment, it's about showcasing the dedication and skill of our fighters.

We believe that choosing an MMA organization that prioritizes fairness, transparency, and quality is crucial for the sport's healthy growth and global appeal. WFC is a testament to this philosophy, and we're proud to serve as a model for ethical and successful promotions.

Together, we can build a thriving MMA community where talent shines through, fueled by passion and supported by ethical practices.