WFC 18: Derbal vs Grguric


WFC 18: Knockout opened up with electrifying K-1 fights that pumped up the crowd. Mury Derbal returned to the professional fights after a 15 years long absence and was fans favourite from the very start.

Mury got tired of just training all the time and decided that it was time that he returns to the ring. "My theory is simple – when it’s time to fight you just repeat everything that you’ve learned practicing,’’ stated Derbal and added that he’s often disappointed when his fighters fail in the ring. He was there on the 16th June to prove them wrong.

His younger opponent Grguric connected some punches but he didn’t seriously rocked Derbal who looked like that he had everything under control. Derbal won the fight fair and square after a unanimous decision.

"Experience is vital in the world of martial arts. Youthful enthusiasm is sometimes enough but experience often prevails." Derbal demonstrated that on the eve of the return to professional fighting.