Vrbinc: "You'll get to see even better me the next time I step in the ring!"

Primoz Vrbinc has been outside WFC since December 2011 when he lost against Mezdihov. It was his only career loss up to date and he had to do a couple of smaller shows prior to his return to Challengers.

What a return that was! Primoz took the stage and victory in less than 2 minutes of round one. "The fight has gone almost completely smooth, I dominated from start to finish. But I'm angry at myself because of a stupid mistake when I was caught in the leglock and I threw myself on the back which is the worst possible thing. I should have stayed with him. But ok, I managed to pull out and save from seemingly difficult situation," Vrbinc described his fight.

After Kokotec's opponent pulled out of the event, Vrbinc was just one of two Slovenians left on the fight card. But that didn’t put any additional pressure on him. " I felt pressure but not for this event but due to awareness how important this fight was for my career. Fight began even earlier but that is not bad, longer you're waiting more tension and nervousness escalates."

Fight began with exchange of strikes and kicks from both fighter but then Vrbinc threw Kokora on the ground and tried to hurt him with stomps. But that didn't go as planned as he got caught in a leglock. " It didn't hurt me but it could be fatal because of my stupidity! Thank God I remembered the trainer's words when we discussed leglocks - be calm and recollect and deal with the situation in the right way. Then I remembered that we're fighting under Pride rules and I began attacking the opponent with the other leg which was confusing enough that I could get rid of the deadlock."

He got out of a serious situation and reversed it into a winning one. He landed some knees and after a hammer fist Kokora surrendered his arm. Vrbinc took it right away and that was it. He submitted Kokora with an armbar and took his second win at the Challengers.

He with continued his training on Sunday as hes determined to succeed as a fighter. "Since yesterday I'm in the old rhythm of morning fitness and muay thai at the evening. I promise that you'll get to see event better me the next time I step in the ring!"

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