The notorious lightweight Champion is back

Vaso ″The Psychopath″ is returning to the WFC after his successful attack on the title at WFC 19 when he won the long awaited title. Known for his aggressive style in and out of the cage Bakocevic will be fighting against the experienced Yannis Jacquet from France. With less than a month to go Vaso shed a bit of light on his career so far and his preparations for the fight.

WFC: Vaso, you’ve been with us for years our fans know a lot about you but how did all started who did you end up in the MMA?

Bakocevic: I’m very happy with my life if I had to go back a 100 times I would have chosen the same path. Since the early school days I was getting in trouble and then I realized that I want to choose the right path and that is sport and not crime. I saw a few UFC and Pride tapes with Nick Diaz, Diego Sanchez and I was hooked, that was it. I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life.

WFC: What are the most precious moments of your career?

Bakocevic: Winning the WFC lightweight title and becoming the champion was my dream and I did it. Nut I have to mention the KSW, the biggest European stage when I fought in front of 20.000 MMA fans that is unforgettable.

WFC: You have been all around the world in the recent months and now you are back in the WFC. How does it feel to be a part of the WFC?

Bakocevic: Yeah, at a very young age I’ve had a lot of fights all around the world. I have to admit that it feels great to be back here, I love the WFC, I'm the champ and my belt ain’t going nowhere. I have a special relationship with the WFC President Zlatko Mahic who is also my KSW manager so I'm very happy to be back here. I want to come back at least once a year and brake some bones for the audience.

WFC: Do you prefer cage or the ring? Will the change benefit your game or?

Bakocevic: I don't care if it was a parking lot! I'm here to fight so I’ll adjust to anything. But if I have to choose I would say the cage because I like using my wrestling against the fence and I think people like to see fights in a cage because it’s more attractive for sure.

WFC: Vaso, are your plans for the upcoming fight?

Bakocevic: As always, I'm here to win and I will try to do it in a devastating fashion. I will try to KO him from the first second of the fight, you know that, everybody knows that so does he.

WFC: Are you planning on using a special weapon to execute your plan?

Bakocevic: I got some heavy hands and I enjoy using my ground and pound to snatch some souls away.

WFC: Jacquet is not some fresh face, he’s been fighting even longer than you. Are you ready for him?

Bakocevic: I know that he speaks French very well and that is it. But on August 27th I'm gonna introduce myself to him, no worries, he is gonna meet me and remember me pretty damn good that night.

WFC: Strong word. So we can expect some fireworks in Austria?

Bakocevic: I truly hope that he enters the cage ready and that we deliver a great fight to the fans. May the best man win .. just kidding! He better bring a pillow because I am putting him to sleep early. Fans buy a ticket and enjoy the blood bath, I'm sure you will like it.

It’s never dull with Bakocevic. Don’t miss out on this matchup along with all the others that promise the best show of the summer in Austria.