Gorilla: "There's nothing sweeter than a KO!"

Branimir Radosavljevic was certainly one of the stars at Challengers 4. He took the center stage and won in just 10 seconds of round one! Truly a stellar performance from 26-year-old from Austria.

It was his first fight south of the border but that didn't affect him at all. He came completely relaxed at the weigh-in and stayed like that through the end. "It was my first fight in Slovenia. I liked the event very much and I would be glad if I could return any time soon," stated Branimir.

Radosavljevic has a very special nickname – Gorilla. He sure does live by it. His entry song has a gorilla theme and also his entry to the ring is gorilla-like as he smashes on the ground rapidly just like a gorilla. Maybe that intimidated his opponent as he was not able to withstand firceful attack from the Gorilla.

Branimir is an ex-boxer who had quite a few boxing fights in his career. "I KO'ed a lot of my opponents in boxing matches but in boxing if you survive the 10 count you can continue with the fight. But MMA is different, once you're down the ref does not interfere and you can finish your opponent.''

Radosavljevic has a fight in his home country at the end of the month as he will be looking to improve his winning streak. Is it time for WFC 18 after that? What do you think, would you like to see the Gorilla at the big leagues?

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