The boxing world is abuzz with sensational news!


Agron Smakici, the Croatian boxer who sent shockwaves through the boxing world with his sparring injury to Tyson Fury, has made a sensational deal with WFC & BRAVE! 

He'll step into the cage on April 20th in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in what promises to be an electrifying event.

Smakici, previously known as a decorated Croatian boxer, became an overnight sensation with reports of his powerful blows putting a temporary halt to the highly anticipated Fury vs. Usyk fight. Now, fans who are eager to see if the "Tyson Tamer" is the real deal will have their chance and the venue couldn't be more enticing!

Whispers abound that Smakici landed a shot so devastating it left Fury with lingering physical and mental hurdles, forcing the postponement of the Usyk fight. Is Smakici the kryptonite to boxing's biggest stars?

The groundbreaking dual-promotion deal with WFC and BRAVE signifies a major vote of confidence in Smakici's potential. Will he live up to the hype and become a MMA champion?

April 20th in Ljubljana promises more than just a fight; it's a combat sports spectacle!

Witness the potential rise of a legend as Agron Smakici faces his next challenge. 

Will he prove he's the real deal?

photo by Darius Jovic