So You Wanna Be A Fighter?


Are you putting in hours and hours of training, dieting and absorbing mixed martial arts? Are you a local fighter that wants to make it to the big leagues? 

This is your chance. WFC not only returned this year, WFC not only introduced the cage but we are also restarting our trainee program on local markets. WFC has also been known as a springboard to the biggest stages and promotions all over the world and now we've even upgraded the know-how and we are working closely with the biggest promotion in Europe, KSW from Poland. All fighters that are under contract with the WFC and perform exceptionally well will have a chance to secure a deal with the KSW and fight in front of 20,000 ecstatic fans.

You are wondering how and where to join? Hit us up at with a fully detailed biography, add videos of your fights and send them to us. Local fighters this is you chance for stardom. Don't miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.