Savov: One Japanese at a time

Svetlozar Savov has been a stellar performer from day one of his professional career. He’s turned pro in 2009 at the age of 19 and has ever since been regarded as one of the best middleweights in Eastern Europe. Savov currently holds a championship belt in the WFC’s middleweight division and is coming to Abu Dhabi, determined that he’ll secure his third consecutive win.

Savov is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist with 70% successful submission finishes in his career so far. ″I started training boxing and grappling after elementary school and turned pro quite fast. I was training freestyle wrestling as a young boy and that helps me sometimes when I find myself on the ground.″, Savov vividly described his beginnings in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

″I’m the reigning WFC middleweight Champion and now my career as a fighter is at a turning point. I know that I’m ready for the biggest stages and AD Warriors is a terrific opportunity for me and my team. My plan is to win my first fight and eventually to become the AD Warriors Champion!″

Savov may have the necessary skill set that is required for becoming a Champion but his opponent will not go down easily. Nearly two decades older (and more experienced) Sakurai is not coming to UAE to collect his fee. He’s going after another victory in his career and Svetlozar is standing in his way.

″All my training will be focused towards victory!″ Savov opened up. ″I plan to train in Europe, preferably in Russia.″

Both Savov and Sakurai have a focal point in their careers - Yushin Okami.

Okami, a UFC legend with nearly 20 UFC fights, has defeated Savov not long ago. ″It was too early for me to face him, but that is life. I’m training hard to achieve his level one day but now it’s Sakurai’s turn and he’s next in the line. I’m looking forward to this fight and I promise you that this will be a great show.″

Sakurai vs. Savov on March 26, 2015 as Abu Dhabi Warriors returns! Stay tuned to AD Warriors website and social media for additional info about the show.