Savov called out Bratovz

At the end of the Saturday night at Kolosej entertainment centre, Svetlozar Savov had one thing on his mind after he successfully defended his WFC middleweight title. He knew that Bor Bratovz was in the arena and he knew that it is the right thing to do at the time.

Savov called out Bratovz for a rematch at the next event! Jubilee 20th edition of WFC promises to be a bomb. Bratovz quickly jumped into the ring and faced-off newly re-crowned king of the 81kg division. Savov improved to 5-0 in his WFC career and is now on the brinks of becoming the all time best WFC fighter.

But Bratovz might have other plans when he returns. He had to pull out due to injury he sustained during the training camp and he's mission of becoming the WFC middleweight champion had to be put on hold. His recovery is going like planned in he should be ready at the beginning of 2015.

Next year looks promising from a viewpoint of a fan, as we will be able to see two of the elite European middleweights in the ring facing each other. Bratovz has unsettled issues with Savov who won at their first encounter. Is Bor up to the challenge?

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