Ronson: ''I'll be going after KO at AD Warriors 3''

It was widely regarded that the most attention in a single MMA event would drop on heavyweights. They've gotten the most prime time, so it seemed, but as years go by more and more fans enjoy watching fights in lighter divisions as they tend to be more energized.

When Jesse Ronson and Gadji Zaipulaev collided for the lightweight championship prize at AD Warriors 2, fans got what they paid for.

A former UFC fighter Ronson (15-5-0) proved to everyone in the arena that his talents are top-class. He went in guns blazing but had to give his all as Zaipulaev looked like he's made out of stone.

But it all played out in the end when Ronson showed some special moves as he submitted the Russian while both fighters were standing on their feet. It was on of the highlights of the evening and fans can look forward to see him again in the ADW ring.

''It was snowing in Canada the day I departed to Abu Dhabi.'' Ronson smiled. ''It was a nice feeling when I landed in the UAE and the hotel was super nice. I didn't get that treatment when I was in the UFC to be honest. The venue was awesome and everything was organized to the last bit.''

But Ronson did not come to Abu Dhabi as a tourist, he was on a mission. And even that went as planned. ''I trained really hard and I was in good shape. Gadji seemed as a tough guy when we grappled but he didn't caused any damaged to me. I think that I handled him well and got the deserved win in the end.''

He's a fan of stand up and striking, just like the majority of fans. Being a professional fighter, he knows exactly what gets the fans on their feet. ''I'm a striker at heart. I like guys who will trade punches and put on an exciting war for the fans. I'm happy with the submission of the night honours but let me be clear, I prefer knockouts!''

AD Warriors have some such talents on its roster already, Jesse might get his wish come true very soon. Follow AD Warriors Facebook and Twitter and be the first to find out who Ronson pointed out as his favourite opponent when Abu Dhabi Warriors return in September!