Rodja is ready for war!

He'll be missed by many after he retires but he's determined that WFC 18: Knockout, and title fight for the Light Heavyweight throne, will be the last one in his professional career. Already a WFC legend, Aleksandar ''Rodja'' Radosavljevic has a 5-1-0 score in the WFC and will be looking to improve it on Sunday when he'll clash with Japanese star Yoshiyuki Nakanishi.

He's been training hard for the last couple of weeks to be 100% prepared for the event of a lifetime. Now it's time to lower the tempo. ''Preparations went very well. I felt a bit tired from the whole training process so that in the last week I reduced the pace. Last few days before the match are strictly reserved for resting,'' stated Rodja.

There had been a few sparks between the fighters, especially from the opponent's corner. Nakanishi promised that he's coming to Ljubljana to win the title and that he'll smash Rodja's head in the meantime. Aleksandar on the other hand is not influenced by it and is staying calm. ''If Nakanishi fulfills what was promised I'd be happy to congratulate him after the match.''

WFC's legend last fight, debut apperance of a Japanese fighter Nakanishi and with the title on the line the main fight at WFC 18: Knockout looks like a match made in heaven. Join us at Krizanke summer theatre on Sunday, 16th June, at 20h!

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