Professor X: ″I want to be an AD Warriors Champion one day!″

Xavier Foupa-Pokam (31-20) is a well-acclaimed mixed martial arts fighter from France, who’s seen everything the world of MMA has to offer. He was one of the most experienced Warriors on the fight card and has stood up to his professional experience in the ring.

He faced a much younger opponent Pavel Doroftei (14-3), a submission specialist who trains in London Shootfighters gym and had a 6 fight winning streak prior to entering the Warriors ring in Abu Dhabi at the end of March 2015.

MMA expected two things from this fight – first, that Doroftei will try his best and submit Foupa-Pokam and second that the French will attempt to hold some distance between them in order to prevent Doroftei’s attacks.

It all played out as planned, at times it was Foupa-Pokam the one who was exerting the pressure and there were time when everyone at the IPIC Arena expected to see a submission from Doroftei. But ″Professor X″ as they call the 33-year old Frenchman is no joke in this business. He averted from all the attacks and cracked his opponent with multiple counterattacks with his knees. X’s knees proved to be deadly in the end as Doroftei had to verbally tap-out in Round 2 due to severe pain suffered from the knee strikes. It was Foupa-Pokam’s third consecutive win.

Professor X is not different than any other Warrior that stepped into the ring on March 26th. He was delighted with the organization and wants to be a part of it for a long time. ″I’ve been fighting in more than 20 countries in the world, but this trip to Abu Dhabi was my first one in the UAE. It was wonderful, I wish to come back soon and have more time, during my next trip, to enjoy staying in this beautiful country.’’ Xavier gathered his thoughts.

″I’m looking forward to come back. The ADW organization took very great care of us fighters, we never felt lost or abandoned.″

Xavier was aware of Doroftei’s game plan but he was not particularly impressed by it. ″Pavel had a game plan, but I’m not really sure that he applied it really as he had expected to. I’m a MMA fighter, and a lot of my opponents still consider me as a unidimensional striker. Maybe it’s because I’ve got nearly 20 pro wins by way of (T)KO and most of them were “punishments” or maybe because people often call our Snake Team “The School of the Super Strikers”. But forgetting my grappling abilities would be a mistake. I also have 9 wins by submissions. I’m a fighter from the Snake Team and we are prepared to fight in every area where the fight goes whether is boxing, wrestling, ground and pound or grappling.″

But all the training aside there is much more than just mastering techniques when it comes to an MMA fight of this calibre. Fighter has to be mentally strong and patient in the ring while being 100% focused on his game plan. Foupa-Pokam has his vision of the matter: ″I’m known to be a fighter with a strong determination, so it’s not very easy to make me quit. I work a lot on every part of fighting and I have the same consideration for grappling and striking. But, furthermore when in a fight, you have to be able to stay lucid and don’t panic; even when the situation turns wrong. I think that my character as a human being (I never panic) and my experience help me in such situations. That helps me think quietly and find the most appropriate solution.″

Albeit he’s not completely satisfied on how the fight played out, Foupa-Pokam has a plan in front of him. He’s determined that he’ll be the AD Warriors Champion one day and he’s working hard to accomplish that in the near future.

″I don’t really have a preferred style of opponent. I’m an MMA fighter and I’m working hard to become the ADW middleweight Champion one day. So, I have to be ready to face anyone in my weight division.″

It’s going to be an interesting end to 2015 as many of the Warriors have their eyes on the biggest prize. Who’s your favourite to win it? Share your thoughts on AD Warriors Facebook and Twitter or get in touch with AD Warriors on the Instagram.