Making your childhood dream a reality

From the moment he entered the WFC ring it was clear that he has what it takes to be the best. Top Bulgarian fighter Svetlozar Savov became a part of the WFC five years ago and ever since he didn’t stop to amaze. He stormed through the middleweight division, submission after submission and quickly gained wide acknowledgment and a belt. Once he took it he didn’t let anyone come close of taking it including a future UFC fighter. 

It was Svetlozar’s dream from a very young age that he’ll be in the martial arts. ″Ever since I was a child, I was interested in sports. I used to train wrestling, after that I gradually started training grappling. When they offered me to have my first MMA fight, I didn't take it seriously. I won and maybe this was the reason I continued training even harder.″ 

After the initial results his expectations grew stronger. He transitioned to boxing and kickboxing and that was the deciding factor. He was hooked and a new mixed martial artist was born. He has quite a simple explanation on what keeps the blood going for a fighter. ″Winning. The wing reward man's labour and make up for all the effort and sacrifices he made in the name of the victory. Winning itself makes you feel accomplished after achieving the goal you've been chasing throughout all the hard training sessions.″

But it is hard without a proper support. Everyone one of us need a shoulder to lean on from time to time and Svetlozar cherishes that. ″I want express a big thank you to the people who are always by my side - my parents who have always supported me through good and bad times,″ he asserted.

A man with 11 submission wins in his career even though his core background is wrestling will lead the show on August 27. Don’t miss out on watching one of the best European middleweights in action and join the WFC army in Austria. For more info follow our Facebook and Twitter.