Ljubljana Erupts with Electrifying Fights!


Last Saturday, Ljubljana vibrated with the energy of mixed martial arts as WFC 26, co-promoted by BRAVE CF, delivered an unforgettable night. The iconic Tivoli Hall was packed to the rafters with a passionate crowd, their cheers echoing through the venue as international stars and local heroes battled it out inside the cage.

From the opening bell to the final fight, the atmosphere crackled with excitement. Fans roared their approval for every takedown, every strike, and every display of heart and skill by the fighters. The eight-bout fight card lived up to the hype, with each match showcasing a unique blend of styles and strategies, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Several local Slovenian athletes shone brightly on the big stage. Monika Kučinič put on a dominant performance against her Georgian opponent, while Haris Aksalič's heavyweight clash had the crowd buzzing. Rising star Domen Drnovsek also impressed with a decisive armbar victory, solidifying his reputation as a prospect to watch. International stars like Erko Jun and Pavel Dailidiko also delivered spectacular displays of fighting prowess, solidifying their reputations as world-class competitors.

The evening was a resounding success, solidifying WFC's position as a major player in the European MMA scene. The electrifying atmosphere, the captivating fights, and the passionate fans combined to create a truly special night.

Mark your calendars, fight fans!  The next WFC event is set to take place on October 26th. Get ready for another night of heart-stopping action and world-class mixed martial arts!

photo @dariusjovic