Leonardo Komsic - Take your game to the next level


Learn how to improve your training regime with this free insight into the training methods of Leonardo Komsic world-renowned kick-boxing trainer. Experience how elite fighters train under his domain and take your game to the next level.

Leonardo Komsic is one of the most respected and successful coaches in Croatia. He is the owner of Thai Kick-boxing Club King from Porec and head coach of one of the most successful Croatian kick-boxers, Igor Jurkovic. Komsic, holder of multiple European and World medals in Taekwon-do and Thai Boxing, held a seminar in Ljubljana together with Emir Avdagic, boxing coach, as a prelude to WFC 19 PRETORIAN.

This video is fraction of techniques and training regime a world class athlete gets. May it inspire you to work even harder every day and improve your skill set. Remember, fighters are made in the gym.