Hallmann with submission of the night on his UFC debut!

What a night it was for WFC's Lightweight Champion Piotr Hallmann! Hallmann made his UFC debut in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, at the Fight Night 28 event.

Fans across the Europe were eager to see WFC's Champion in the octagon fighting in the lightweight division that is reigned by Anthony Pettis, top 10 pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC.

Hallmann secured the victory via submission and on top of that he earned himself a bonus. Hallmann's kimura on Trinaldo has been declared as a submission of the night and Piotr earned additional 50 thousand US dollars. Truly a spectacular debut in the world's greatest organization that adds value also to the WFC.

Hallmann proved to everyone that he is made out of steel as Trinaldo served him with extremly powerful kicks in the first round but he had no chance against the Polish navy officer. Hallmann defended perfectly on the ground and when it came time for round 2, he looked like a man with a plan. He turned from a half-guard and maneuvered himself into a strong position from which he worked his way into a kimura!

There are not many fighters that debut in the UFC with a bonus and submission of the night which makes Piotr's achievement even greater. Congratulations, Płetwal!

Image © UFC