Bakocevic: "I'll send Kosednar into retirement!"

Vaso Bakocevic (11-2-1) versus Bojan Kosednar (9-6-0) looks to be an epic battle. The two had fought 6 months ago even though just outside the ring. It looks like that the time has come that they settle the score inside the ring.

Bakocevic had a lot to say about Kosednar and his injury as you probably already know and it took a while to get a statement from Kosednar. Last week Zelva (Kosednar's nickname a/n) made it clear that he was badly injured and unfit to fight. Besides, he sent Vaso a message - shut up and train.

It didn't took to long to get a statement from Bakocevic though: "Zelva can say what he wants, he was talking trash about how he is going to do this and that to me and then he cancelled the fight. He better watch not to get injured again so we can talk in the ring."

There's always a little bit of trash talk in the world of MMA, it's just how these modern day gladiators roll, but don't mix that with hatred. "Of course there is always a lot of emotions involved, especially for me. I have to say that I don't have anything against Zelva personally, I think he is a nice guy but he stands on my way to the title. I'm going to hurt this guy I don't care for my health, I always fight like a dog."

Bakocevic is one of the most direct and open minded guys in WFC and he puts a lot of effort in mind games prior to the fight. That might tired some other guy, but not Vaso. He knows just what he might gain with that and it makes him who he is. Certainly one of the most interesting fighters in the WFC. "I know what people like and want. They can say what they want about me, I don't care, but in the end they will buy that ticket to watch me fight!"

Kosednar has been out of the ring for nearly a year when he fought at WFC 16 and won with unanimous decisions against Zecchi. Vaso fought four times in 2012 and that could be an advantage for him. "My biggest advantage is me, it's who I'm. I'm fighting for my family and I'll give everything for that. He on the other side has a lot to lose. This could be his last fight, his retirment, and I will send him there!"

Vaso will be fighting even prior to WFC 18: Knockout. He'll travel to Rio de Janiero in Brazil and face-off with Joao Andrezinho. "I'm preparing like never before and I promise to give my best in both fights and win. After that I'm taking some time off at Montenegrian see."

But it will be quite the opposite in weeks to come. Vaso is preparing in Belgrade with his team at MMA Academy. "I will be for a month in Belgrade with Dragan Tesanovic, Aleksandar Rodja and Josif Al Said and then I will go to Sweden or even USA to train for this fights. I will be prepared as a bull."

At WFC 18 special bonuses will be payed to the best fighters. Knockout of the night looks like will be Vaso's: "Hell yeah! I'll either win the KO of the night or fight of the night if Zelva beats the shit out of me and I don't tap, haha. So Mr. Mahić, you know I love you, but prepare the cash for the bonus," stated Bakocevic dead serious.

With Challengers 4 just around the corner we had to ask Vaso a question about it. He began his WFC career at the first Challengers in 2011 and moved up to the big league. "Yes, WFC Challengers opened big dors for me and it's a great oppurtunity for all the newcomers. Everyone who has the chance to come to Litija on 16 March should be there. Don't miss it because lots of talents are going to show you what they got."

Vaso had some last word for the fans regarding WFC 18: "I suggest you buy the tickets immediately because it's going to be a bloodbath for someone. You watched my fight with Hallmann? This one is going to be even crazier! I always put on a show so buy the tickets and be ready for a spectacle!"

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