Who will get a chance to be a part of the biggest KSW event of all time?

Polish promotion KSW is planning on breaking an all-time European record for the attendance at an MMA event next spring. On May 27, 2017, KSW is planning on hosting its event at the biggest Polish arena the National Stadium in Warsaw. With a capacity of over 70,000 spectators for the concerts, they might even endanger the PRIDE record from back in 2002 with 71,000 fans in the stands.

KSW has held 43 events to date with Warsaw as their base. Just last year they've entered the UK with a show in London and now they are about to break all the records in the MMA. The Polish promotion is by far the biggest in Europe with its flawless production and stellar shows. But not only that, KSW has always been known as a reliable partner for the WFC and Mr. Mahic. A dozen of fighters have fought in the promotion over the years but the current lineup is by far the most intriguing one. 

National Stadium, Warsaw

Atanas Djamabazov just recently signed with the KSW and was due to perform at KSW 37. Due to an injury he had to pull out and is on hold for his debut fight for the promotion. 23 and 4 fighter is not the only competitor from Bulgaria ready to go. Svetlozar Savov has made his debut in March this year. There have been some questions about the regularity of his fight as he was unintentionally headbutted but the KO stood and he'll have to take another chance for his first win. 

Vaso Bakocevic's run in the KSW has not been as successful as it is in the WFC but still, his style and charisma make him one of the most desirable fighters for the Polish fans. And then there is Ismail Naurdiev. The 20-year old Austrian already fought twice in the WFC and dominated his opponents. He's strong and smart despite his young age and there is no doubt about it that he will get a shot in the biggest promotions eventually.

Will that be in the KSW at the end of May? We will have to wait a bit but rest assured, you will hear it here first. Don't forget to follow our Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.