SportyCo workshop – best of martial arts by Lucien Carbin


Improve your knowledge with the best professional trainer in all areas related to Martial Arts. The SportyCo workshop is appropriate for amateur and professional athletes, as well as for Martial Arts instructors and trainers.

Lucien Carbin, former Muay Thai World Champion, is currently one of the World's most respected and successful coaches. He owns a Fighting Factory Carbin (FFC) gym in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Carbin is responsible for making many big names out of The Netherlands, including Alistair Overeem, Rob Kaman, Gilbert Yvel, Tyrone Spong, Rodney Faverus, Ilonka Elomont and many others.

Workshop of Lucien Carbin is a unique way to see which techniques and training a world class athlete gets. Furthermore he will share his story to the athletes/trainers and learn them not only fight techniques but also what comes in to play if you want to compete at the highest level. Discipline, dedication and setting goals are some of the things a fighter urgently needs.


- Introduction of Lucien carbin, Questions & Answers

- Technical principles, basics and striking (techniques including kicks, punches and the extensive use of knees and elbows)

- The Clinch and stand up grappling

- How to plan and execute martial arts conditioning

- Injury prevention and treatment. how to deal with the common fighter injuries and how to prevent them with sports medicine.

- The psychological preparation of a martial arts fighter

Saturday, 7th of April 2018, 10:00

MMA Ljubljana, Letališka cesta 32, 1000 Ljubljana 

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