MMA will be reborn on May 19 as WFC returns to Ljubljana withe the 22nd edition of premiere battles. The iconic Hala Tivoli will host some of the biggest names on the WFC roster with Savov and Pele highlighting the event. 
The reigning middleweight champion Svetlozar Savov will be facing the legendary Brazilian Jose “Pele” Landi. Back in 2006 Pele made his WFC debut against back then youngster Shlemenko whom he beaten after 3 hard fought rounds. Now he’s back to dethrone the champ Savov. 
On May 19 WFC will be giving the fans what they have been after for quite some time. An action packed evening filled with excitement and anticipation. 
Slovenian young’uns will open the undercard matched againts foreign challengers. WFC is continuing its policy of giving shots to young and hungry fighters who dare to dream big as success under the WFC banner has always been substancially rewarded. World’s biggest stages have welcomed dozens of fighters proven on the WFC canvas. 
If you love entertainment and contact sports this will be a night you simply cannot miss. 
WFC 22 is coming to Hala Tivoli on May 19. More detailed news about fighters, duels and their preparations will follow. Stay tuned to our website and especially social media for clips and inside info. 
See you in Ljubljana. The fight is on!