Rakas won for the second time at Challengers

Challengers 4 could be a turning point in a young man's career. Aleksandar Rakas has a professional score of 3 wins and 3 losses with two of those wins coming at Challengers. He won after a unanimous decision 18 months ago at Challengers and has submitted Murati last Saturday at Challengers 4.

It was quite an impressive win for young Croat who was on his back for the most of his fight but came out victorious. What a victory that was! He caught an arm of Murati from the ground and pulled an armbar.

"I expected a fast paced fight. The main thing was that I didn't panic when we fell on the ground. I waited for my oppurtunity and took it when it came," explained Aleksandar course of the fight.

His fight was the show opener and that can be stressful for some fighters but that was not the case with Rakas who feels comfortable in that kind of position. Maybe it helped that his hands were wrapped by a professional cut men that came from United Kingdom specially for the event. WFC puts special emphasis on safety of fighters and that has been the case from day one.

Rakas proved to everyone that he has evolved in the last couple of months and maybe he may be on the verge of fighting at WFC main events. At 22 years of age he has his whole career ahead of him.

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