Psychopath has a message for Draxler


Vaso Bakocevic is not a nice guy when it comes to addressing guys that stand on the other side of the ring. He goes full mental jacket on his opponents from day one and he does not stop till the last second when both fighters enter the ring.

His next fight at WFC 19 is not an exception. He fired from all weapons as soon as he heard the name of his opponent and it looks like that there is no one stopping him till the late December.

Nickname ''Psychopath'' surely suits him and his bad rep. Draxler had a chance of thanking a shot at Vaso earlier this month, but Austrian did not bite the bait.

With less than month before the title fight we bring you a heated statement from Vaso Bakocevic who's determined that he'll be the one that will wear the WFC belt.

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