Interview with Maciej Kawulski, KSW co-owner

The Polish MMA promotion KSW (Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki) is widely considered to be one of Europe’s elite mixed martial arts organizations. It was launched in 2004 and had since organized 36 events across Poland and just last year debuted in UK as well. With the recent announcement of the partnership between KSW and WFC, the KSW co-owner Maciej Kawulski explains the reasons for the format and what are the plans for the future.

The relationship between KSW and WFC’s President Mr. Mahic goes a way back and it has been significantly supported in the recent months with the signings of Savov, Bakocevic and Djambazov.

″KSW worked with Zlatko Mahic and exchanged fighters with WFC for almost a decade. When we were approached with the idea of this kind of cooperation, we immediately liked it. Zlatko is a promoter who has been present on the European MMA scene as long as we have, so it was a no-brainer for us to go forward with this project.″

But the exchange of fighters and management has been upgraded with the recent announcement of the upcoming WFC 21 – Olimp: Road to KSW event in Austria on December 17. KSW is stepping alongside WFC for the first time ever and fighters from the WFC will be battling out for a contract in the KSW. It’s a format that is quite new for the KSW and has just recently debuted in Brazil. ″We do “Road to KSW” shows randomly all over the world. Even though it’s not a standard way of acquiring new fighters to KSW, we plan to do it every now and then.″, Mr. Kawulski explained the newly launched format.

The main focus of the event ahead of us is to find and promote young and upcoming fighters, something that has been the driving force of the WFC from day 1 and it coincides with the KSW strategy and future plans. ″Of course, it’s a great opportunity for young talented fighters on the local markets to earn their chance on the biggest European stage.″

With the potential KSW contract on the line, the stakes will be much higher this time. As the promotion’s owner explains, they can expect a lot in return. ″Short 1 or 2-fight contracts are not what we do. If a fighter signs with us, we want to build him, promote him and together plan his MMA career for a longer period of time.″

It has been a case with the two of the most recognizable faces of the WFC, Svetlozar Savov and Vaso Bakocevic. They did lose some fights but since they’ve put their heart in it, the KSW is still in their corner. ″This is MMA, so some of them win, some of them loose, but they all share one thing in common: every fighter from that part of the world has always been colorful, ready to go to war and fight his heart out in the cage. That’s what KSW fans love.″

Give it all you have in the ring and you won’t have any regrets at the end of the day. A man with that kind of mentality will not only succeed in the cage but in life. Create your own paths and keep that inner fire burning and pushing you forward.